• Sarah Jessen

Time for a little self disclosure...

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

I love memes!

I search for the perfect meme to express my thoughts and feelings, I save memes waiting for just the right time to send it to someone, I delight in receiving memes and laugh out loud at memes. So this year when I thought about finally commencing blogging, I decided that every good blog post should start with a meme.

My sister is my favourite 'meme buddy'. Many a time has she sent me a stream of memes designed just to make my smile or pick me up when she knew times were tough. She's not one for gushy, emotional sentiments but her memes hit the mark! In a meme she can let me know that she's thinking of me, she 'get's it', she shows she understands just how hard it is, just how much I need a laugh or how much I'm wanting to tear my hair out. We connect deeply in this way - through the language of memes.

Not everyone gets the language of meme's, and that's ok. To be honest, I think my teenage daughters tolerate my memes. They think I'm a bit 'old school' to still be loving memes. But whether they're rolling their eyes at my memes or laughing at the silliness of them - the apology gets through. The message of love finds its mark. They know I've taken the time, thought of them, they know they matter.

For those of you that are lucky enough to be enjoying a break over this Christmas holiday period, I hope you're doing something you love, laughing out loud, finding ways to connect with others... as for me, you know what I'll be doing!


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